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From standard histology testing to special requests, PathHub Labs offers a fast, reliable, cost-effective solution when you need a little help.

We take care of all the clinical, technical and administrative details promptly and efficiently, from temperature-controlled specimen collection to detailed paperwork, laboratory liaison and quality control.

When you…

  • face additional workload
  • need flexible cover for sickness or holidays
  • require long-term laboratory support support
  • or simply want rapid, reliable lab services at the most competitive prices

…PathHub Labs can help!

Welcome to PathHub Labs

…a division of PathHub Healthcare Solutions, London, providing cost-effective, quality solutions to NHS and private healthcare departments throughout the UK.

Laboratory test results impact around 70%-80% of healthcare decisions in the UK. Reliable results are critical to timely and effective patient diagnosis, so the laboratory that prepares your test slides, blocks and specimens is crucial to success.

As a provider of laboratory support for primary care and research institutions for several years, the PathHub Labs team understands the challenges facing the UK healthcare industry. Thanks to our buying power and business expertise, we are able to offer the most competitive pricing in the UK without compromising on the quality or exceptional service that our customers value so highly.

PathHub Labs is a partnership network of CPA-accredited laboratories across the UK, including most major cities. Testing is carried out as close to the sample source as possible to ensure specimen integrity and fast turnaround time.

PathHub Labs takes the entire specimen preparation process off your hands whilst keeping you fully updated via your personal Account Manager. We arrange collection of your specimens and delivery by medical courier to our nearest lab – usually within one hour of pick-up. You’ll receive feedback from your Account Manager at every stage and your processed specimens within 72 hours, enabling rapid pathologist reporting and patient diagnosis.

At PathHub Labs we support both the NHS and the independent sector and offer the same personalised, responsive service and fast turnaround to both. Plus the most competitive pricing in the UK. We work hard to deliver a customer service that is second to none and develop close working relations with all our clients – the cornerstone of our business.

Diagnostic Testing & Services Menu

Our network of UK laboratories provides a full range of Histopathology services including:

Histology samples

  • Gross tissue dissection;
  • Wet tissue processing to paraffin wax and embedding;
  • Slide production from paraffin processed blocks;
  • Customised microtomy schemes if desired;
  • Special stains as requested;
  • Wide range of immunohistochemistry, with antibodies supplied by client or from departmental stock;
  • Her2 FISH testing.

Molecular Biology

Our national Molecular Biology department runs complex molecular assays for both NHS and private institutions. A dedicated DNA laboratory is part of this facility.

Fast – Specimens collected, processed and prepared within 72 hours.

At PathHub Labs we understand the importance of quick, quality specimen processing to effective pathology reporting and patient diagnosis.

We guarantee the fastest turnaround times for both private and NHS specimen preparation, irrespective of complexity or volume. We aim to return processed slides within 72 hours of source material collection, or 48 hours for priority work.

To ensure the quick, dependable transport of your specimen samples, we carefully weigh up temperature requirements versus time. We may place materials on ice and opt for taxi delivery, or hire specialist temperature-controlled courier transport for materials that need to travel further afield. Wherever possible, we send source material to the nearest lab and aim for a delivery time under one hour.


When you need help, simply pick up the phone and speak to your PathHub Labs Account Manager. Once you’ve clarified your requirements and agreed a quote, your Account Manager will take care of everything.

Your Account Manager will organise all the shipments, liaise with the laboratory, prepare paperwork and monitor progress at every stage to keep you fully informed.


Our UK network of CPA-accredited laboratories is staffed by experienced laboratory technicians and managers. Some also employ the services of GMC-certified consultant pathologists who are accredited members of The Royal College of Pathologists.

At PathHub Labs we are proud of the QC checks that we’ve put in place to ensure the quality of all our clients’ work. We will, for example, send electronic images of special stains if a new antibody has been used, to make sure clients are 100% happy with their slides.

Our Account Managers and Directors meet every day to discuss work in progress and review more complicated projects. They work hard to ensure that they deliver to contract as a minimum and exceed customer expectations wherever possible.


No long-term contracts, no minimum volumes, just a fixed ‘per case’ fee.
Thanks to its buying power and expertise, PathHub Labs is able to offer the most competitive pricing in the UK without compromising on quality or service.

It is a cost-effective alternative to locum recruitment if you’re struggling with sudden peaks in workload, cover for sickness and holidays or need long-term support.

There are no permanent contracts or minimum volumes. We simply agree a fixed price for each individual job or project.

To find out more about the services offered by PathHub Labs, please contact us.


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